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Floral project born out of a deep love for flowers and the need to honor their intrinsic beauty through the design of events, arrangements and products.

We design every single thing with our whole heart and we attempt to be as conscious with the environment as possible through our process and materials.

Working on the wedding industry was our main job until 2020, since then we started this website in order to promote artisan products honoring flowers and our favorite tools for florists around the world!

The designer

Susana back on 2014 bought an arrangement as a birthday gift and could not believe she had seen the same design for years, couple roses, fews stems of lilies, asthromelias and tons of green. She promised herself if she was ever going to give flowers as a gift she would make them herself  (she had no clue what was she thinking)

After experimenting with flowers for weeks she started telling her friends she was designing flowers, in her "free" time while working on a Corporative Law firm and attending University. It did not take long for her friends to start ordering flowers from her. By that time she had completely fell in love with flowers and discovered a special connection with them that was imposible to ignore, which caused a drastic change in her life.

After designing with no floral background at all for a couple years she finally had the opportunity to learn from international floral masters and friends from the industry.

She is madly in love with flowers and the feeling of working with them, receive them and share them.

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